Why LA Counts

We have a vision of making LA County the best place it can be through the inspired application of data and stories by a committed and caring public. Until now, Los Angeles has lacked a single resource for all of the publicly available data to support the efforts of policymakers, advocates and other change agents. We have launched LA Counts to become that resource.


Los Angeles is arguably the most underfunded major metropolitan area in the United States.

Why? One reason may be that we simply don’t know enough about our county to tell its story well.  For a complex place like Los Angeles County, data plays an essential role in bringing our unmet needs to light. Without it, funders and decision makers are less inclined to invest, and the entire county misses out.

LA Counts exists to make data about the region as accessible, transparent and accountable as possible. California Community Foundation has taken the initiative to establish the first platform to gather all of LA County's data into one place. With accessible, plentiful, high-quality data to drive a dynamic community of change makers, we believe LA will live up to its welcoming, healthy, vibrant, diversified and equitable potential.


LA Counts is a work in progress—and that work has just begun.

Ultimately, LA Counts is a community tool—built, managed and strengthened by the people who use it.

In these critical early days, your participation will determine the success of this effort. Help by identifying new resources and suggesting datasets to add to those already available. Drop us a note to recommend ways to make this platform even more useful. And, of course, share your experiences with others as you put LA data to work.

We believe in the extraordinary talent, resourcefulness and drive that LA and its people possess. This site is designed to help the community unleash its potential to create the future it wants. The 2000+ datasets you will find here represent the tiny seed of something we hope will grow to a vast and vibrant scale.


Since 1915, California Community Foundation has worked with LA residents to realize a stronger, healthier and more prosperous future for all Angelenos.

As a permanent endowment for Los Angeles County, we are entrusted with the management of more than 1600 funds and nearly $1.7 billion in assets. We have made a commitment to provide $1 billion in funding to Los Angeles non-profit organizations by 2025. Our mission is to lead positive systemic change that strengthens Los Angeles communities. To this end, we have seen how clearly and urgently a resource such as LA Counts is needed—and have committed to giving it a strong early start towards a sustainable future.


Are there stories, datasets or visualizations you’d like to see on LA Counts? Let us know—we’re building this together!