You probably already know that Los Angeles County is a huge place: it's a bit over 4000 square miles. If you live here, more than likely you own a car. Maybe you're a taxi driver or a truck driver or you drive for Uber or Lyft. Maybe you like the freedom of the open road and you drive a motorcycle. But maybe you're committed to decreasing carbon emissions and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so you own a bike. Or maybe money is tight and you believe in supporting and using public transportation, so you takes buses and metro. It's possible you walk to work. Heck, you might even use one of those scooters that are everywhere. Cool, cool, cool. Here's where you can learn more about where and how transportation works or doesn't work in your neighborhood.

Why not take a moment or two to dive into all of the beautiful data related to transportation? Who has access to transit and who doesn't? How do some of the largest ports in the nation move the cargo they receive? Are drunk driving incidents increasing? Does the size of particulate matter caused by the 710 traffic impact health? What is the future of getting to and from LAX? What can we say about equity as it relates to transportation? Big questions that you can help to investigate and answer.

Get on the data bus, we need you.