Dwarfing any other county in California, LA County is home to an estimated 30% of all of California's immigrants. In January 2017 the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, in a stand against hate and divisiveness, established The Office of Immigrant Affairs to protect the many immigrant communities in LA. Still, a variety of concerns about deportation prevent some immigrants from seeking police protection from abuse, or applying for CalFresh, despite their eligibility.

Sadly, public data on immigration is exceedingly sparse for Los Angeles County and immigration is now a federal political football, so it's unsurprising that immigrants within Los Angeles County are hesitant to come forward to receive necessary healthcare or even report crimes of domestic violence. As we gear up to the 2020 census—the manner in which we gain an understanding of different populations and the way in which federal and state funding is calculated—establishing the true size of Los Angeles County increases in importance.

What can you do to help? Connect with organizations on the ground working with immigrants; help them work with their data to improve their services. Create a working group that uses data to focus on improving the immigrant experience in Los Angeles County.