Data Adventure #5: How to Analyze a Budget

Posted on 07/01/19 by LA Counts


This guide is for anyone interested in analyzing budget data. Where does the money go? Residents often wonder how much the city spends on what types of goods and services. Typically budget datasets will have a column for type of expenditures, and a column for amount of money spent. Each row represents a different expenditure. For this exercise, we will use data from the Los Angeles City Controller, Ron Galperin, who has long been a thought leader in making data openly available to the public. We will be using the "high-level" version of the budget, which presents most expensive categories of expenditures.

While programming experience helps for this instructable, it is not required. (Please see our first and second instructables for information on the tools used in this exercise, and the final instructable for information on APIs)

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