Data Publishers

LA Counts’ Data Library provides access to 2,000+ datasets related to Los Angeles County. They are sourced from 200+ different publishers ranging from local, state and federal agencies to public and private institutions. Some publishers produce a wide range of datasets and others produce just a single one.

Legal mandate requires some of the datasets, like the Enterprise Systems Catalog, be publicly shared, but most are posted voluntarily. Consequently, the standards for data publication (e.g., accessibility, machine-readability, metadata completion rates, etc.) vary—occasionally even across the datasets of a single publisher.

As we advocate for open data standards and grow the community of change agents in LA County, we will continue to engage with all publishers, big and small, to promote access to more open data throughout the region.


This visualization provides insight into the publishers responsible for the datasets on this site. 


Current publishers appear below in alphabetical order. Click on any publisher name to visit the publisher detail page, from which you can access datasets sourced from that publisher.

A “+” indicates that a publisher contains sub-publishers; click the “+/–” to view or hide sub-publishers.

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