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Welcome to the LA Counts Library! Harvested from federal, state, regional, and local data publishers, these open datasets and related data stories tell the public tale of Los Angeles County. They reveal what we know and even what we don't know. Use them to examine your government, explain how things work, and explore the potential for social change in and across Los Angeles County.

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  • Data Adventure #1: Python Overview

    Tools for Data Analysis Welcome to an introduction to the tools we'll use in LA Counts data instructables! This introduction is for anyone interested in analyzing data and...
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  • Community profiles, data visualizations, and you

    More than likely you’ve already seen the new LA Counts redesign. If not, please take a tour around the site after finishing this blog post. A very brief history to set up this...
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  • So, what is this LA Counts thing?

    LA Counts is both a website and a growing group of data practitioners, hackers, civic activists, journalists, researchers, students and government workers using open data to...
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  • The Evolution of LA Counts

    You can see the idea of the project in a single number: 800,000. According to the 2010 census, that’s how many Long-term Permanent Residents in Los Angeles County were eligible...
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