School Immunizations in Kindergarten by Academic Year

This dataset contains immunization status of kindergarten students in California in schools. Explanation of the different immunizations is in the attached data dictionary. The California Health and Safety Code Section 120325-75 requires students to provide proof of immunization for school and child care entry. Additionally, California Health and Safety Code Section 120375 and California Code of Regulation Section 6075 require all schools and child care facilities to assess and report annually the immunization status of their enrollees.

The annual kindergarten assessment is conducted each fall to monitor compliance with the California School Immunization law. Results from this assessment are used to measure immunization coverage among students entering kindergarten. Not all schools reported. This data set presents results from the kindergarten assessment and immunization coverage in kindergarten schools by county. To review individual school coverage and exemption rates in a separate lookup format, go to the School Lookup page at the Immunization Branch's Shots for School website:

To see the PDF reports by year go to:

See the attached file 'Notes on Methods' for data suppression in the '2016-17 ' data and after.

For earlier years of data:

This dataset updates every year

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