Registered Special Inspectors

In addition to the inspections required by Section 108, some construction projects require that a deputy inspector verifies specific aspects of the construction and that the specifications conform to the approved drawings. The deputy inspector is required to report these observations in writing, on an approved special inspection report form to the building official at regular intervals.

Special (Deputy) Inspections are required for:

  • Concrete Strength > 2,500 psi, Shotcrete
  • Reinforcement in structural decks
  • Drilled in Anchors
  • Field Welding or Shop Welding in a non-approved fabricator shop (includes steel stud)
  • High strength bolts
  • Sprayed-on fire proofing
  • Pilings – caissons
  • Masonry
  • Wood diaphrams and sheerwalls with nailing 3 inches on center or less
  • Special cases as directed by the Building Official
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