Parking Signs

Collection and processing of street parking signs within the City of Pasadena’s Specific Plan Areas. Field survey and on-screen digitizing and editing were conducted to gather locations.

Sign Category

Code Description

1-9 No Parking

10-99 Restricted Parking

100-599 Allowed Parking

600-699 Designated Parking

700-799 Bus Stop

800-998 Parking Info.

999 Stop Sign Parking Restriction Type Code Description1 no parking anytime2 tow away zone no parking anytime3 no parking in alley4 no stopping anytime5 no stopping anytime (TOW AWAY) 10 no parking 7am-9am11 no parking 8am-4pm12 no parking 9am-6pm ex Sun13 no parking 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-12am daily14 no parking 5pm-12am daily15 no parking ex by permit 9am-4pm, 6pm-8pm M-F, 8am-8pm Sat16 no parking during street cleaning days17 no parking 2am-6am on city streets except by permit18 no parking 4pm-6pm19 no parking 11am-4pm, 6pm-12am daily20 no parking 6am-2pm;1 hr parking 9am-6pm?21 no parking 7am-5pm school days22 no parking 7am-6pm23 no parking 7am-6pm ex Sat Sun24 no parking 7am-9am, 4pm-6pm25 no parking 7am-9am, 4pm-6pm ex Sat Sun26 no parking 7am-9am, 2pm-5pm27 no parking 7am-8am, 2pm-5pm28 no parking 6pm-12am Fri-Sat 40 no stopping 4pm-6pm ex Sat Sun41 no stopping 7am-7pm ex Sat Sun42 no stopping 7am-9am, 4pm-6pm; 2 hr parking 9am-4pm43 no stopping anytime 7am-9am, 4pm-6pm44 no stopping anytime 7am-9am, 4pm-6pm;1 hr parking 9am-4pm45 no stopping anytime 7am-3pm46 no stopping 6am-9am, 3pm-7pm (TOW AWAY) 100 1 hr parking101 1 hr parking meters102 1 hr parking 9am-4pm103 1 hr parking 9am-6pm104 1 hr parking 11am-4pm ex Sat Sun105 1 hr parking 8am-6pm ex Sat Sun106 1 hr parking 8am-4pm ex Sat Sun107 1 hr parking 11am-6pm ex Sun108 1 hr parking 9am-4pm ex Sun109 1 hr parking 9am-4pm ex Sun (TOW AWAY)110 1 hr parking 9am-6pm ex Sun111 1 hr parking 7am-8pm112 1 hr parking 7am-6pm113 1 hr parking 7am-5pm114 1 hr parking 9am-3pm 150 15 min parking 151 15 min parking meters152 15 min parking 6am-6pm ex Sat Sun153 15 min parking 9am-6pm ex Sun154 15 min parking 7am-5pm155 15 min parking 7am-8pm 200 2 hr parking201 2 hr parking meters202 2 hr parking 8am-4pm ex Sat Sun203 2 hr parking 9am-4am ex Sun204 2 hr parking 9am-6pm ex Sun205 2 hr parking 11am-4pm206 2 hr parking 11am-4pm ex Sat Sun207 2 hr parking 8am-8pm208 2 hr parking 9am-4pm ex Sat Sun209 2 hr parking 9am-4pm ex Sun210 2 hr parking 9am-6pm211 2 hr parking 9am-6pm ex Sat Sun212 2 hr parking 9am-6pm ex Sun213 2 hr parking, no parking 7am-9am, 4pm-6pm214 2 hr parking 11am-4pm ex Sat Sun, 7am-8am, 4pm-6pm215 2 hr parking 8am-4pm ex Sun216 2 hr parking 9am-4pm217 2 hr parking 7am-6pm218 2 hr parking 9am-3pm219 2 hr parking 8am-2pm 300 3 hr parking301 30 min parking 9am-6pm ex Sun302 30 min parking 7am-6pm 400 4 hr parking401 4 hr parking 9am-6pm402 4 hr parking 7am-6pm 600 passenger loading only601 handicap parking only602 taxi only603 commercial loading only604 prisoner drop-off zone only605 sheriff vehicle inspection parking only606 police vehicles only607 electric vehicle charging station608 church parking / senior center parking 700 bus stop metro701 bus stop foothill702 bus stop Pasadena arts703 shuttle stop704 amtrak bus stop 900 exceptions901 pay direction902 parking direction904 begin905 end 999 stop

Data and Resources

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