DHCS Medi-Cal Aid Category Grouping Schema

URL: https://data.chhs.ca.gov/dataset/8c897320-ba87-4574-bc37-bae974191c35/resource/23ed7047-1566-4620-b09b-129d4699614f/download/updated-aid-category-grouping-schema.pdf

This reference table, maintained by DHCS, displays aid code categories by aid code. Aid codes identify the criteria by which each person qualifies for Medi-Cal and the types of services he or she receives, and make clear whether the services are funded by the State or Federal government or both. An aid code is a combination of two numbers or a letter and a number and is attached to a Medi-Cal beneficiary’s identification numbers. Aid code category refers to a unique grouping of distinct aid codes into broad categories such as CHIP, Seniors and Persons with Disabilities, and Long-Term Care. For a description of each aid code, see the Medi-Cal Aid Code Master Chart.

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