Hospital Annual Financial Data - Selected Data & Pivot Tables

On an annual basis (individual hospital fiscal year), individual hospitals and hospital systems report detailed facility-level data on services capacity, inpatient/outpatient utilization, patients, revenues and expenses by type and payer, balance sheet and income statement.

Due to the large size of the complete dataset, a selected set of data representing a wide range of commonly used data items, has been created that can be easily managed and downloaded. The selected data file includes general hospital information, utilization data by payer, revenue data by payer, expense data by natural expense category, financial ratios, and labor information.

There are two groups of data contained in this dataset: 1) Selected Data - Calendar Year: To make it easier to compare hospitals by year, hospital reports with report periods ending within a given calendar year are grouped together. The Pivot Tables for a specific calendar year are also found here. 2) Selected Data - Fiscal Year: Hospital reports with report periods ending within a given fiscal year (July-June) are grouped together.

This dataset updates every year

Data and Resources

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