COVID-19 Time-Series Metrics by County and State

Data is from the California COVID-19 State Dashboard at

Data on cases, deaths, and testing is not reported on weekends or state holidays. This data is reported on the first day following the weekend or holiday. Data on administered vaccines is reported daily.

NOTE: The "Total Tests" and "Positive Tests" columns show totals based on the collection date. There is a lag between when a specimen is collected and when it is reported in this dataset. As a result, the most recent dates on the table will temporarily show NONE in the "Total Tests" and "Positive Tests" columns. This should not be interpreted as no tests being conducted on these dates. Instead, these values will be updated with the number of tests conducted as data is received.

When comparing to the state dashboard, the dashboard numbers will correspond to the "Reported" columns in this table. Also note that the dashboard displays data that is one day prior to today's date.

This dataset updates every day

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