COVID-19 Probable Cases

CDPH tracks both probable and confirmed cases of COVID-19 to better understand how the virus is impacting our communities. Probable cases are defined as individuals with a positive antigen test that detects the presence of viral antigens. Antigen testing is useful when rapid results are needed, or in settings where laboratory resources may be limited. Confirmed cases are defined as individuals with a positive molecular test, which tests for viral genetic material, such as a PCR or polymerase chain reaction test. Results from both types of tests are reported to CDPH.

Due to the expanded use of antigen testing, surveillance of probable cases is increasingly important. The proportion of probable cases among the total cases in California has increased. To provide a more complete picture of trends in case volume, it is now more important to provide probable case data in addition to confirmed case data. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has begun publishing probable case data for states.

Testing data is updated weekly. Due to small numbers, the percentage of probable cases in the first two weeks of the month may change. Probable case data from San Diego County is not included in the statewide table at this time.

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