Health in LA County

Health in LA County

Research indicates that social and economic conditions contribute to about 40% of community health and longevity issues, so with millions of visitors each year plus its 10 million residents, LA County labors under the Sysiphean task of increasing health equity among its shifting populations.

The Data Library ranges far and wide across the health data spectrum: from environmental health to dental care, from mental health to infectious diseases, from mortality to births and birthing. Yet despite the appearance that LA County has massive amounts of health data, much more data is missing. SCDC gathers the health data we do have so that we can begin to tackle and understand what we do not know about the health of LA County residents.


Los Angeles County faces major health data gaps. Research into the wide range of racial and ethnic diversity as it relates to health has been trailing the county's population growth. For example, very little is known about health issues for subethnicities across the county, despite seriously different health outcomes and mortality for those populations.

LA County has a one of the highest veteran populations in the nation: about 308,000 individuals. These returning service members face everything from martial problems to traumatic brain injury to substance abuse. More knowledge about the veteran population is vital to the health of LA County since one in three veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is diagnosed with post-traumatic stress symptoms, and veterans kill themselves at a rate of one every 80 minutes.


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